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Welcome to MasterTool program website.

MasterTool - software for workshop or repair service.
The program is designed to account for the work performed, parts, adopted in the repair of equipment.
Can use in workshop associated with the repair of household appliances, electronics, computers, tools, vehicle e.t.c.
The program is simple and no requires special installation of the system is ready for use immediately after unpacking from archive to any local drive, network drive or removable drive.

Free version features:
  • Report editor.
  • Hierarchical handbook materials and works.
  • Quick search in the handbooks.
  • Send e-mail to the customer with automatic filling of text information about the history of repair.
  • Account for the work performed.
  • Account for the parts.
  • Accounting for the movement of parts in the warehouse.
  • Automatic reflection decommissioned parts in warehouse.

Additional features (key required - buy):
  • The ability to have multiple users (masters).
  • Work multiple users on a network.
  • Entrance users in the program with a password and lock the workstation.
  • Access rights of users.
  • Support discounts for customers.
  • Support for user defined interface languages(localization) from text file.
  • Automatic numbering on the counter.
  • Automatically send notifications of change of status of repairs.
    (can work with the SMS gateway via SMTP using the services EMailToSMS, EMail2SMS).
  • Download pictures in parts handbook.
  • Download pictures in repair card.
  • Accounting of money (cash).
  • Assigning device a unique code, adopt device and repair device history from code, print bar code.
  • Display prices, quantities and the search for the available of the parts(materials) in warehouse.
  • Using repair tags.
  • Automatic (on the conditions given by the user) color marking repair list.
  • Accounting for movement of materials(parts) across multiple warehouses.
  • The ability to set a target date for repair.
  • The use of barcodes for materials (spare parts, merchandise) in warehouse.
  • Working with the orders.
  • The use of bar codes for the identification of repair.
  • The use of the tab "Images for goods".
  • Loading items in the warehouse document from the file.
  • Saving the appearance of the program windows after the restart.
  • Merge handbook entries.
  • Using "Shop" tab.
  • Serial No. black list.
  • Customer black list.

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