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It requires no special installation and can work from any location, including removable media. Download the archive with the program, unzip it, run mstrt.exe, use.

Download actual version MasterTool.
(Only new installation, no update required.)

If you want update earlier version, go russian site download page and download updates.
Updates should be installed, from older to newer, skipping updates are not allowed. Before installing the update, close all running copies of the program and make a backup of the program folder.
To install the update:
Thus, install updates successively, you can upgrade to actual version.

Download interface localization example file.

To translate interface replace english strings in file mstrt.lng to strings you want language, place mstrt.lng file in program folder and set radio button "Use file mstrt.lng" in program options window. Please, change text only is in quotation marks and the string starts with msgstr, DO NOT CHANGE THE RUSSIAN STRINGS.